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The Thai elephant today

The Thai elephant today is thus a symbo of past power and splendor, encountered in one form or another almost everywhere one looks, and, at the same time, an urgent national conundrum, upon the solution of which may depend much more than the animal's mere survival. in the narrow pursuit of material comforts, Thailand's natural resources are being pushed to the limit to supply mor en...

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Jao Ying Story

  Jao Ying is an Asian elephant that comes from the Province of Tak, east of Thailand. She has had a difficult life, with her owner mistreating her to make her a domestic animal. Once trained to that she can be controlled, usually beaten with a bull hook, she was placed in the logging trade, moving and carry heavy teak trees to the river, every day for 5 years. When the Thai govern...

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Noi's Story

Noi's Story: Noi came from North Eastern Thailand. His elder brother brought him to Bangkok to study elephant behavior for years at the Wat PrasatBoonyavat Temple. Where he learn Buddist Story, doctrine, From there, Noi moved to Chiang Mai where he became a tour guide.  This is where Noi saw first hand the treatment of elephants, and it broke his heart.  He saw elephants b...

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The Thai Elephant Today

In the year 1900 Thailand might have had as many as 100,000 domesticated elephants, and perhaps as many as one man in fifty might have worked at least part time as a mahout, a rider or elephants. An elephant walking through a village would have excited no more attention than a ten-wheeled truck does today. The number of domesticated elephants (sometimes misleadingly called tame or work elep...

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The White Elephant

To outsiders, the description might seem whimsical. To others, however, among them the Thai King to whom the report was addressed, it amounted to praise of the very highest order. For no other animal has ever been accorded such enormous respect as the white elephant. It is perhaps as well to state right away that the name is highly misleading, at least to western readers. There has never be...

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The Thai Elephant in History

The first recorded elephant in Thai history occurs in a stone inscription traditionally thought to have been composed in 1292 by order of King Ramkamhaeng the Great of Sukhothai. Elephants of various kinds – tame and wild, sacred and mundane – figure all through this famous evocation of life in an idyllic kingdom. Precisely when the Asian elephant was is debatable, but it was ce...

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The Asian Elephant

From this creature more than 300 related species evolved, some of them dwarfs and others enormous. By the time man appeared on earth, all but three had disappeared. One of these, the vast Woolly Mammoth, whose portrait appears in many prehistoric cave paintings, is believed to have made its exit from the scene about 10,000 years ago, possibly due to a period of climatic warning. This left only ...

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