Elephant Sanctuary Retirement Park in Chiang Mai (Thailand)
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Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai

Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai

Our primary objective here is to provide a safe, beautiful and naturally for all the elephants that rescue from exploitation, mistreatment, and abuse in the logging and circus throughout Thailand to ensure that they feel safe and at peace as possible.

The elephant retirement park plan to expanding the capacity of our sanctuary park to be able to receive more rescued retired elephants throughout Thailand. The elephant retirement park also proud of the strict policy of the treatment of elephants.

There is no riding, no chaining or beating of any kind. The elephant retirement park intend to educate visitor about the importance of elephant in Thailand included history of the elephant and elephant's behavior.


The Elephant Retirement Park is located an hours drive outside of Chiang Mai city. The main focus of the park is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for elephants to live. Established at the beginning of 2014, visitors can enjoy a unique experience in caring for good nature and happy elephants where quality of life is of the upmost importance. 

NO ABUSE, NO CHAIN, AND NO RIDING. You can get to know the elephants by feeding them, observe them, bathing and scrub mud for elephant depend on the elephant if they want we can join with them in the elephant bath. 

Visitors will also be able to learn about the herbal care. The park providing all transport,  bottled water, experience guide, and great Thai Vegan food and the best elephant experience of a life time.


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