Elephant Sanctuary Retirement Park in Chiang Mai (Thailand)
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Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai

Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai

money received from guest visits, volunteers, merchandise sales and donations is used in the following ways: - Primarily used for the elephant’s home, food, veterinary care, rescue, infrastructure and land so we can constantly be growing and expanding the capacity of our sanctuary (park) to be able to receive more rescued elephants.

- Some of the money is designated to compensate the local people and owners of the elephants so that they allow us to care for them, instead of making the elephants work.

- Any remaining income is saved so in the future we can buy our own land and rescue more elephants so they can live with us for many years, and be happy at the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai


To help protect, heal and care for mistreated elephants rescued from abusive situations.  

To rescue elephants from the tourist trade/industry & give them a better life in a safe humane way while living in their natural habitat.

To educate tourists about the importance of elephant preservation, proper eating, sleeping, bathing and exercise.

Against the practice of riding elephants, elephant painting, elephant circus tricks.  This practice is unnatural & abusive.  

Against the practice of separating baby elephants from their mothers.

He is also against exploiting elephants for financial gain.  (Elephant begging)

Dedicated to providing elephants with the highest quality of life.


Elephant retirement park Goals:

1.  Build a cement wall, so the elephants can roam freely 24 hour day.

2.  Raise enough money to purchase a bigger piece of land.

3.  Rescue more elephants.

4.  Protect & care for elephants that have been abandoned, mistreated or from owners who can no longer care for their elephants.

5.  Save elephants from the harsh reality of  the elephant loaning business.

Elephant retirement park Setbacks:

1.  New current leader where Elephant Retirement Park resides at wants to kick Noi out, but local villages approve of park.

2.  Leader???  Concern elephant waste (poop/pee) contaminate river.

3.  Ground seepage from EPA ponds possibly contaminating ground water supply.

4.  Some villagers are scared of the elephants.

Reality of Elephant Tourism:

-  Most tourists are unaware of the harsh realities of the elephant tourism business.

-  Unaware of the abuse the elephants endure when placed in captivity.

-  Unaware of how  elephants are treated, trained & tamed.

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Mission / Vision At the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai