Elephant Sanctuary Retirement Park in Chiang Mai (Thailand)
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The Thai elephant today

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

The Thai elephant today

The Thai elephant today is thus a symbo of past power and splendor, encountered in one form or another almost everywhere one looks, and, at the same time, an urgent national conundrum, upon the solution of which may depend much more than the animal's mere survival.

in the narrow pursuit of material comforts, Thailand's natural resources are being pushed to the limit to supply mor energy for the population and more products for the markets.

One direct result is the encroachment on our forests, rivers, and natural habitats of wild animals.

The elephant, revered though it might be in symbolic terms, has become a victim of these reckless tendencies, endangered where it still exists in the wild and too often abused as a domesticated animal.

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