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Difference Between African Elephant and Asia Elephant

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Difference Between African Elephant and Asia Elephant


The elephant… Giant in the wood. As everyone know, elephant is the largest living terrestrial animals in the world, and everyone though that they all are the same. So, we will guide you to know about the different between the two famous species of elephant… The Asia elephant and the African elephant.

When we look up, we can see their big head, Asia elephants have a two dome and small ears, but African elephants have only one dome and two big ears. They all have one trunk and two tusks. Normally, every African elephant have the tusks, on the other side, only the Asia male elephant have the normal tusks, and the female elephant have only small tusks.

The African elephants are taller and bigger than the Asia elephant, they are tall about 4-5 meters and their weigh is about 5-7 tons. The Asia elephants have a body mass about 5 tons and body high around 2-3 meters.

Even they maybe have the same visual, but their habits are different, the Asia elephant cuter than African elephant.

If you want to have an experience about the cute Asia elephant. Elephant retirement park always welcome you with pleasure. You can do activities with our cute and calm elephant that we rescued.

Please donate & support food and medicine at http://www.elephantsanctuaryasiafoundation.org


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