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How wildlife can be neighbor

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

How wildlife can be neighbor

How wildlife can be neighbor

Elephants are not just large bodies, but they are such clever animals as well when compare with monkeys, whales, and dolphins. They have nearly 257 trillion neurons. It is approximately three times the number of neurons in the human brain (Human elephant voice.org, 2020). Wild elephants are herbivores animal that consumes a wide variety of plants that why the elephants are the great plant’s spreaders, and they are always live in a gigantic forest.
The complication between inhabitants and the wild elephants is a condition that cannot solve for the whole time. As a result of The cession of forest to the government across the country, not only elephant’s dwelling was destroyed but the source of elephant’s food is also caused especially those factors originate permanent loss of forests settlements which started from both along with the riversides and expanded to a forest area that caused mutual interference, so elephants and inhabitants have to share space with each other. How agricultural areas are expanding, the forest area has declined considerably.
Altogether, despite the government has closed the cession of forest since 1998, but the inefficient forest administration is one of the issues that caused a wild elephant’s living because of creating a replaced forest is an industrial crop that is an elephant’s eatable which leads to the reducing of elephant’s resource. Additionally, the construction of office buildings and buildings of various government agencies in the forest including the dam and reservoirs, whether medium or large, all contribute to the narrowing of the elephant's foraging routes. With an overview of the number of wild elephants in many conservation areas, there is an increase in the number while the natural food sources are decreasing which is causing the elephant to lack food. How smaller the forest is referred to the drier it will be. The lack of water and food made the elephants unable to live in their original habitat. They must eat farther to the edge of the forest or go outside the forest into the village area, so when they found water sources or an agricultural plantation both horticulture and upland crops that elephants like they will migrate to eat and sleep in that area which better than in the forest.
Following this reason, the complication between inhabitants and wild elephants can be referred that came from inaccurate forest management and unsustainable improvement which is a problem for both wild elephants and villagers, mostly farmers with overlapping areas. Although the villagers will try to solve the problem through various methods and there are organizations or other sectors that came to manage, but it is a short period of the solution’s development because elephants are intelligent animals they can always adjust and survive.
Even if each area does not have a definite conclusion, the major solution for solving this problem is what to do to reduce the conflict between humans and wild elephants. An opened place for villagers to take part in designing solutions along with understanding the behavior of wild elephants and manage the relationship between people and wild elephants in a sustainable balance.
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