Volunteering and Home stay

Volunteering and Home stay

Elephant Retirement Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Volunteering and Home stay

This is rare opportunity to live and work closely with elehants. Your will be able to build a relationship and get a better insight into their long term upkeep.

You will stay in the elephants home in their natural jungle habitat, an hours drive from Chiang Mai square.

The Elephant Retirement Park involves it's volunteers in all aspects of elephant care including, practical instruction in how to harves grass, bamboo, and corn, how to feed the elephants, make and use herbal medicine and help maintain upkeep of the camp.

You will also learn ho to become a true Mahout elephant carer.


 - Accommodation
 - Mosquito net
 - Meals and hot drinks
 - Transport (includeing the opportunity to go to Chiang Mai City)
 - Mahout traning
 - Hand wash laundry facilities
 - Insurance
 - Power point and drinking water.

*** Please bring : Swimming Suit, Flip-Flops, Sun Protection and personal Medicine ***


 - 3 Days: 7,500 ฿/PERSON.
 - 4 Days: 9,500 ฿/PERSON.
 - 5 Days: 11,000 ฿/PERSON.
 - 6 Days: 12,500 ฿/PERSON.
 - 7 Days: 14,000 ฿/PERSON.

Guest payment terms:
1. All transactions must be settled day before guest program date (eg: heavy rain, sickness etc).
2. No cancellation refunds.
3. Can transfer program to another date within 1 week (eg: heavy rain, sickness etc).

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Volunteering and Home stay

Volunteering and Home stay