About us


     Elephant Retirement Park is a grassroots initiative whose mission is to provide a nurturing space for the elephant in Chiang Mai. We aim to provide a haven for abandoned elephants and love and respect all living beings. Also, camping events for people to enjoy nature, learn about sustainable living, and spend time with the elephants. Elephant Retirement Park is a home for retired working elephants, at the Baan Eieag village, Chiang Mai. Observe how elephants rehabilitate into forest life after decades of abuse, and imagine an environment with happy elephants roaming around the park, the weather is comfortable all year round for the visitor and elephant.

    The best elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, the first sanctuary that teaches how to stay with elephants in a friendly, how to love elephants, and how to protect elephants. The activity consists of bathing elephants, feeding elephants, and visiting elephants.


The Elephant Sanctuary Asia Foundation

1. Gather documents and data in support of elephant preservation efforts for dissemination to agencies and the general public.

2. Promotes and supports elephant conservation efforts by educational institutions, private individuals, government agencies, and organizations in Chiang mai and in other countries.

3. Procures donations in support of elephant welfare, distributes funds to relevant projects, and informs donors of how their donations are being used.

4. Collaborates with other charities.

5. Is non-political.


All of policy to support elephants in Chiang Mai, and Chiang Mai Sanctuary