• 2024-01-02

Top 3 Chiang Mai Elephant sanctuary You Can’t Miss!

Top 3 Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary that You Can’t Miss

Chiang Mai is the northern City of Elephants! Why? because over 100 elephant parks in Chiang Mai, We just proved for the top 3 Chiang Mai Elephant parks of 100 elephant parks that should to visit, Let see.

1. Elephant Retirement Park A sanctuary for retired elephants, free to roam and graze on the surrounding vegetation. Walk, bathe and feed them. Strict no abuse policy. All welcome. 1. Promotes and supports elephant conservation efforts by educational institutions, private individuals, government agencies and organizations in Thailand and in other countries. 2. Procures donations in support of elephant welfare, distributes funds to relevant projects, and informs donors of how their donations are being used. 3. Collaborates with Elephant Sanctuary Asia Foundation.

2. The Kanta Elephant Sanctuary is a magical home for elephants found deep in the jungle. The elephants are found in their natural jungle habitat, and you can spend the day playing and pampering them.After a scenic hilly ride to the sanctuary, you’ll be welcomed by a guide, who will teach you about elephants and their importance to Thai culture. After you can enjoy feeding the elephants some tasty snacks, getting the chance to meet each elephant one by one.

3. Elephant Rescue park was founded by a group of locals who’s goal was to rescue elephants and rescue more 10 elephants. This memorable tour starts with a scenic walk through the local forest to a tribal village. A guide will meet you and give you a brief overview of the elephants of Thailand. You are then introduced in small groups to each elephant, where you can feed them snacks.