• 2023-08-22


Thai elephants are not only strong and intelligent but also cute and attractive. They exhibit behaviors similar to humans in childhood, such as eating, sleeping, and playing. They drink from their mother's breast by sucking their mouths until they are 3-4 years old, then switch to plants and salt licks after weaning. Baby elephants are generally affectionate and always near their mother.

Elephants are smart, as they can avoid entering farmer's areas by using an electric fence. They love cleanliness and like to shake off soil or mud attached to vegetation before eating. However, they often face challenges when playing in water due to the loamy edge of the pond. An elephant has sacrificed himself as a ladder for his friends to step over to the shore.

A baby elephant's mischievousness and innocence often make mother and elder elephants worry, as they run toward people and cars. To suppress their fun, they are scolded and beaten by their mothers. Elephants also protect the weaker, with standing movements during danger. Older elephants, like Bunchu, have weak legs and hind legs.

To support Thai elephants and improve their quality, fundraising has been opened to build a nursing home for them. Contributions are 100 baht, with delivery fees being 50 baht nationwide. For more information, contact the Asian Elephant Conservation Foundation at 532-266-8128 or call 053-270732.

Credits: Thai PBS