Elephant care with Wat Umong, Doi Suthep and Night City view

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New experience with Asian Elephants and getting to know about them. you'll enjoy with them. You'll enjoy with beautiful night view in Chiang Mai City. Explore the temple in the forest.

  • Bathing elephant
  • Scrub mud and enjoy with elephant in the mud pool
  • Feeding elephant and baby elephant
  • Enjoy the glorious beauty of the sacred temple
  • Chiang mai city view on the top of the mountain

Full description

Elephant Save and Care program with Special Trip Wat Umong, Doi Suthep + Night City View Elephants are one of the most majestic creatures on earth. They are known for their incredible size, strength and intelligence. These gentle giants have been revered in many cultures and have played an important role in human history. One of the most fascinating things about elephants is their social behavior. They live in herds and have a matriarchal social structure, which means that the oldest female in the group is the leader. Elephants are highly intelligent and have been known to display empathy and even mourn their dead. Start with Elephant Save and Care Pick up time at

12.00-12.30 pm. Drive about 1 hour to the elephant camp.

1.30 pm. Get changed into the local clothes and be ready for fun activities. The experienced guide will provide information about the elephants' behavior, elephant history, and how to provide proper care for them.

2.00 pm. Then, you will get to prepare food and healthy treats for the elephants. Next, you will feed the elephants. While they enjoy their baskets of bananas, you can photograph them (Please close the flash on your camera). You can touch and interact with the elephants at your leisure while you learn about their behavior.

2.30 pm. After that, you and the elephants will walk to play in the mud and sand spa. During this time, you will have a chance to observe their behavior. You can also enjoy with the elephant for cleaning elephant's skin and scrubbing mud on their body to protect the elephant's skin from the insect, this activity depends on the elephant if the elephant wants to do you can join. After your time with the elephants, change your clothes, and shower.

4.00 pm. You will take the 1-hour journey back to the city and will be transferred to our office for the next program.

5.00 - 5.40 pm. Relax at our office for 10 minutes/pick-up time. You will take 30 minutes to Wat Umong Wat Umong a Buddhist temple located in the foothills of Doi Suthep, about 10 kilometers outside the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. What makes this temple unique is its serene forest setting and its underground tunnel system. Doi Suthep, located west of Chiang Mai in Thailand, is a majestic mountain and one of the twin peaks of a granite mountain. This mountain is 1,676 meters in elevation and is famous for its stunning temples, including Wat Umong. Doi Suthep temples can be visited at night so, you can enjoy your night with an incredible night city view. Wat Umong+Doi Suhep at night

6.10 pm. Wat Umong set in the forest is completely different from other typical temples, this one is built inside a tunnel. It doesn’t matter what religion you have, when you go inside the tunnel, it whispers to you the secrets of this world and the old history of this temple. You will take 45 minutes to Doi Suthep. Enjoy the glorious beauty of the sacred temple and the admirable night city view from the mountain without the usual crowds.

9.00 pm. Back to the hotel.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Feeding Elephants and preparing food & herbal medicines for elephant
  • Bathing with elephant
  • enjoy the Chiang Mai City night view
  • English Speaking Tour Guide

What to bring

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Swimwear and underwear
  • Sunscreen

Adult 3,800 THB

Child 1,900THB

Infant FREE (Please sit with the parent)

(If you want the seat in the minivan for your infant please pay an extra 500THB)

*** Please bring: Swimming Suit, Flip-Flops, Sun Protection, Short pants, and personal Medicine ***


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